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What is Triflex Malaysia?

When you are getting older, the joint issue comes to you in unexpected way. Starting from that time, you will try searching the supplements that can help to relieve the symptom of that joint issue. There are so many types of supplements out there. The different is about the dosage of the ingredients. Briefly here, BeritaKini highlights the supplement that we called Triflex.

What is Triflex?
It is a kind of supplement that help to relieve the symptom of joint issue such as swelling at the end of the joint part, increase the lubrication fluid between it and reduce the pain also.

How many tablet inside?
The small bottle contains 120 tablets. The big bottle contains 240 tablets. For maintaining purpose, you can take 1-2 tablets per day. It can be lasted for 4-8 months. If you are having pain at the joint, you are recommended to take 3 tablets per day.

What are the main ingredient inside?
From the front cover of Triflex (in their website), the main ingredient are glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

How about the price?
Same like other products, the price of Triflex is  reasonable in a long term way.

Big bottle : RM 522.30 for 240 tablets (equivalent to RM 2.17/tablet)
Small bottle : RM 279.90 for 120 tablets (equivalent to RM 2.30/tablet)

The prices above for GNC member. If you are not a GNC member, the price of Triflex with 240 tablets is RM 652.90 and Triflex with 120 tablets is RM 349.90.

What are the benefits?
The swelling/inflammation of the joint will be reduced. Thus, the pain will be reduced. It also helps to increase the liquid between the joint.

How about the positive reviews?
Yes, they have. The negative reviews also are cannot be denied because Triflex is categorized as a supplement. A supplement effect is not same like a medicine. Medicine is 100% effective and is unable to be taken continously but supplement is allowed to do that. Sometime the supplement's effect depends on individual. You can also the review from international website,

The positive reviews from

Where can I get Triflex?

In Sri Hartamas and others main shopping mall in Selangor. Triflex is sold also outside Selangor. It is sold by GNC. You can visit the their website to know the store location.

GNC outlet sells Triflex

For more information about Triflex and its usage, you can contact GNC Malaysia free toll number and speak with their nutritionist and well-trained nutritional staff. You also can walk in to any stores to ask about it.

Phone number: 1-800-888-462

*This article is written based on the current promotion that we hear throught radio/television/internet. For more information about the product/services, please visit their business location/website/email/etc.

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