Monday, February 16, 2009

Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik...


Teh tarik and nasi lemak have been lifting as legacy food of Malay and Malaysians. So many years before i always having a good memory with nasi lemak actually. Along my growth, nasi lemak accompanies me every morning and i have made a lot of times to make teh tarik but it was not seem as original.
Nasi lemak possesses so simple ingredient. You need a cup, rice and Chilies or tomatoes and ikan bilis. First, cook the rice and put the cooked rice into a cup. Push it inner until it has densed. Then, back the cup with rice on the banana leaf or plastic. After that, pour the ikin bilis and chilies which have been grinned onto it. Lastly, wrap the nasi lemak becomes a shape like pyramid. IT'S EASY.
For Teh Tarik, just make a tea and pour a spoon of concentrared milk onto it. Stir it gently and then just pour repeatly between two glasses. The long you can pour the teh between two glasses the more bubbles can be formed. Then, It's already provided.
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