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Friday, January 30, 2009

Palm oil is an ENERGY?

Maybe petrol will become a vital substance for transportation that will decrease when 2050 door is opened. At that time, humans are fighting and having no way to solve the problem. Now, there already alternative energy that is palm oil but in level before start.
Palm oil possesses many abilities to become alternative agent energy and able to reduce pollutions which occur badly lately.In Universiti Sains Malaysia, they have proved that a van can move using palm oil at about 30 kilometres away !
By the natural friendly palm oil and easy to be get, it is attracting scientists to make it as an experiment material. The results are palm oil, thread that be made from the roots and it's leaves able to control the high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. It's stem can be created to bio fuel( an alternative energy to coal and petrol)
Only humans need to aware that petrol and coal will finish one day soon and they able to affect its price also. Malaysia has aim in 2020 and above, we will become the net importer after the oil well has dried. By that, we must show a commitment in science and technology so that we're not fully depending on foreign country such as US, Britain and Russia...


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